June 2022

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We always believe that being in the outdoors and orienteering has many benefits, especially for kids. With this in mind, we lined up our orienteering programmes at various ActiveSG locations, organised kids camp and held the last ‘Rediscover Singapore’ race for the season. To end off the month, we took a trip to Malaysia and participated in the 2022 Rogaining Championships! Read on as we recap this exciting month.

3-in-1 Adventure Camp

Held in Sembawang, each camp started off with some orienteering and hiking where the kids explored historical places. Regardless of each child’s physical fitness level, the hike proved to be a good workout challenge for all. Purchasing ingredients and cooking their own meal outdoors lifted their moods and gave them a sense of accomplishment.

A short trail walk to Eagles Point was a new challenge and an exciting mini adventure for the kids. Depending on the tide that day, some kids managed to cross the small river. Walking on steep slopes, the kids practiced awareness and safety. They looked out for each other and offered a helping hand when needed. It was a good activity to help overcome the fear of falling if any, and to build their confidence in the outdoors. Last part of the day was tent pitching where they tried pitching different tents within a short time. We hope it had helped them to relate to unfavourable environmental conditions in the outdoors where shelter has to be built quickly. Communication was key as they worked together as a team.

Despite how tired they were, they ended the day with a smile on their faces. We hope the takeaways they have from this camp inspires them to enjoy the outdoors more.


Pardon us for the blur photo due to the excitement

We’re happy to announce that the team has one more 1 Star certified kayaking coach! Congratulations to Yan Han! As coaches of Singapore Polytechnic’s Adventurers, we conducted the 1 Star Kayaking course and 3 Star Kayaking course for the members. It was an added skill to their outdoor sports portfolio and most importantly, they had a good time out at sea. Despite the unfavourable weather conditions, it didn’t deter the students and they saw it as a added learning opportunity. We’re pleased that they all passed their assessment, especially those who attended the 3 Star Kayaking course.

Rogaining Championships

Held in Lenggong, Malaysia, this 24 hour orienteering race was a first for the team. Before that, having not travelled for awhile, we were itching to explore different terrains again. With youths travelling with us, we created the opportunity for them to have an adventure filled with meaningful takeaways.

The week started with a hike up Broga Hill which is 400M high and has 3 peaks. Climbing up the boulder at the top peak and seeing breathtaking views were experiences we’ve missed. Next up was rock climbing at the natural walls at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur. Making the best out of the good weather we were blessed with, we attempted different climbing routes, lead climbing and multi-pitch climbs. Our last climb was in Camp 5, where the world’s strongest climber, Chris Sharma once climbed the Grade 8A route.

To prepare for the race, we had to maintain our fitness levels and stamina, through running & hiking. With that, we did a run around KL city centre while visiting different tourist attractions, such as the Petronas Twin Towers and the Saloma Link Bridge. We also did a quick hike to Puteri Tiga peak.

Now for the highlight of the trip. It was a gruelling race for the pairs who started off with a mix of excitement and nervousness. Battling the heat and seemingly endless roads, each team pushed through and gave their best. It was an eye opener for all, especially the youth as this was the first overseas orienteering competition for some. Making pit stops for food in different towns, clocking the different checkpoints and having to plan for rest time or not, was a memorable experience not to be forgotten. Racing along in the competition was ultra-marathon runner, Yeo Kim Hong and his partner, Zac Chua. It was a celebratory and proud moment as fellow Singaporeans when they emerged as the top winner in the Men Master category! Congratulations to the pair!

While our bodies were exhausted after the race, our hearts were full. We grew as a team, having gained new experiences and memories together. We’re excited for what’s ahead of us as we continue our journey!

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