About Us

Our observations is that people avoid outdoor activities because there is an element of uncertainty. 

Therefore, we want to use orienteering (a problem solving outdoor sport) as a solution to help people go outside. 


1. To bring out the fun in the outdoors.
2. To create opportunities to experience the environment out of your home.
3. To customise training and itineraries according to your strengths


To build an outdoor company that encourages people to explore outside of their comfort zone.

Introducing Our Team

The 65 adventure team consists of individuals with an innate love for living and going outdoors. 

We want to use our adventure story as a means to do good for the community and tell people that “it’s possible to try”! 

We also feel strongly on climate change and we want to use our adventures to spread the message of a shrinking planet.

Lastly, the team also seeks your trust by pursuing for certification and real life experiences as hallmarks of our commitment. 

Let’s get out there!

Front Row (L-R) : Coach Enreka & Coach Eugene

Back Row (L-R) : Coach Yan Han & Coach Willard