Why Orienteering is good for kids

Without the technology of google maps, would your child be able to find their way around?

That’s where orienteering comes into play. This navigational sport introduces the basics of map handling, a skill useful for all to navigate their way around with any map. 

One activity we use to gain kids interest in navigation is photo orienteering. One has to navigate themselves from one checkpoint to another by walking or running. At each checkpoint, kids have to match the correct photo. Similar to a treasure hunt, it becomes quite an adventure for the little ones. 

For kids as young as four years old, it helps them to practice their observational skills and spatial awareness safely. They also learn to identify prominent features that will help them match their map to the ground. Given the choice to choose which checkpoint to head to first and with different routes to take, it allows kids to practice decision making from young. 

With the increasing use of technology in our lives, it’s inevitable that the young can get hooked onto their electronic devices as well. With orienteering, it elevates the outdoor experience, giving your child a chance to get outdoors and exercise in a fun way. 

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To find out more on how orienteering can be beneficial to kids, check out this article: https://www.littledayout.com/orienteering-with-kids-rediscovering-neighbourhoods-one-map-at-a-time/

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