Why did I join an adventure race?


Adventure races are designed to test an athlete’s physical and mental endurance as well as skills in a number of disciplines which can include: kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling (rappelling), horse riding, whitewater rafting, mountaineering, skiing, in-line skating, and even paragliding.


There are many reasons why one would participate in an adventure race and for me its really the thrill of pushing your bodies to the maximum while getting tested in all sets of scenario. The race itself is often dynamic in nature and team mates can make or break a particular segment. You also never truly know your competitors’ position in the event as they too can make sudden mistakes in between elements.


Other than physical and mental strength, the biggest elephant in the room is team work. Communication is constantly tested as individuals grapple with their own limits.




Looking back, there are no regrets as we found joy in many of the activities that we have encountered during the race. We get to try out the various sports in ways we wouldn’t have done so and more importantly, the invaluable friendship that is formed pre and post race.

Navigation is a key component of any adventure race and its a test of team’s decision making and map reading skills.

Moving on uneven terrain is also a test of one’s personal skills in moving and overcoming the outdoors.

SO, this march the 65 team will be launching an all new adventure race that is targetted at families and couples.

Adventure racing is not just an event reserved for the seasoned runners, but also the beginners as well.

Join us in this brand new race concept on Sunday 20th March 2022! More details are available here: https://www.onepa.gov.sg/events/sembawang-mappy-race-passion-wave-adventure-edition-20-mar-2022-60082360 

For more enquiries, please drop us a message or phone call!

Join us in March 2022


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