Difference between Sequence-O and Score-O

But first, what is orienteering? More prominent in European and Scandinavian countries, we want to introduce you to this exciting sport as well!

Orienteering is a navigational sport that exercises both your mind and body. Checkpoints are marked out on a map and one has to navigate from one checkpoint to another in a given timeframe. It can take place anywhere, from urban streets to hilly areas such as forests. Trail orienteering which is running across various terrains by foot,  is the type of orienteering we focus on here in Singapore. Gaining confidence in navigation and practicing observational skills are just some of the benefits, especially good for the young ones to start early on. 

Young or old, beginner or elite, it’s a sport that everyone can try out with the various types of orienteering maps available. 


The most common type of map used in orienteering competitions internationally. The order of checkpoints are fixed and runners have to run to each checkpoint according to the sequence. With the winning criteria being the ability to follow the sequence at your fastest timing, it becomes a challenge as distance between each checkpoint varies.

In competitions, there are often different distance categories – short, middle and long. This gives people of various fitness levels a chance to participate and test their navigational skills. Here’s one example of the Sprint category at the Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships 2021, held in Czech Republic:


Can you spot the difference?


Unlike Sequence-O, each checkpoint is allocated a score and the winning criteria is to clock the highest number of scores in the given timeframe, followed by timing. Without sequence, you have many route choices and can set your own route. Used in our ‘Rediscover Singapore’ series, it is interesting to see how decision-making takes place as participants decide on which route to take. 

With this in mind, it creates the opportunity for people to discover new places or notice new features as they embark on the route they have chosen. 

So if you’re interested, check out our Rediscover Singapore series and Kids Orienteering League to try out for yourself! 

Rediscover Singapore: https://www.65adventure.com/product/entry-for-rediscover-race/

Kids Orienteering League: https://www.65adventure.com/product/kids-orienteering-challenge/


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