Why outdoor play is good for kids

As kids gets older, the pressure from schooling increases. Here’s why outdoor play is good for kids!

Being in the outdoors allow kids to explore and be curious with their surroundings. Experiencing different terrains like slopes and uneven grounds encourages kids to use their psychomotor skills to move their way around. Depending on each individual’s ability, it can be a good challenge to some as they learn how to make use of their bodily movements to approach different terrains.

A new environment encourages kids to be aware and observant of their surroundings. While exploring with new friends, it helps with socialisation as they help one another and each individual carries a different story they can share with their peers. When faced with obstacles like crossing the boardwalk, kids can reach out to each other and encourage one another to accomplish a new feat. Being away from parents means that they have to rely on themselves or the people around (peers/instructors) for help in navigation, exploration and so on. With each new experience, it builds their confidence and independence.

‘Natural environments represent dynamic and rough playscapes that challenge motor activity in children.’ (Fjørtoft, 2001)

Being surrounded by nature also benefits their physical and mental health. It’s been proven in studies that kids who spend more time among greenery and nature have better cognitive thinking and decreased myopia (National Parks, 2015). Being surrounded by nature would take their mind off other issues and draw their focus to their current surroundings instead. It’s a great way for them to destress while clocking in some exercise. At the same time, we can also educate them on the environment and encourage them to be more aware of how their actions impact the environment.

Gradually with more outdoor play and exploration, it makes them develop curiosity for new environments and allow them to gain new skills and knowledge.

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