Outdoor Learning and Bonding

School Outdoor Program

The importance of outdoor education have been outlined in the ministry’s masterplan and we want to assist school teachers to uplift our juniors and youths development. From a wide selection of program, there are many to choose from. This includes certification courses & SEP programs.

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Coaching in Thailand

CCA / Coaching

The importance of Physical CCA helps our juniors & youth gain mastery over their bodies and build connections with the school. With ODAC coaching, we can help teachers to chart their students’ progression and allow them to focus on the developmental aspect of things!

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Valour Pri students with map

Sch / Park OE resources

Maps are an integral resource for PE & OE lessons. Equipped with a coloured and multi level level map, there are just too many possibilities that is linked to a single map!

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Team 65 in Nepal

Team Building

Going outdoors do provide a healthy dose of Vitamin and fun for the team. Via this shared experience, we aim to facilitate the conversation between members!

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