Valour Pri students with map

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Orienteering maps are a work of art as it provides the user with the ability to imagine the terrain that lies in front of them and also to use them to make decisions.


School Layout Map Orienteering Map
Vibe / Outlook Usually Black and White Color
Made for who? Building Planners Athletes, Youth & Students
Purpose Get understanding of loading plan, key features such as fire extinguishers, etc. Get understanding of Terrain & Decision Making (eg. Where to go and not to go)
Possible to edit for lessons (eg. Delete or hide) No Yes, Possible to print to scale and show specific areas (via software)
Relation to Curriculum Planning Map Reading Map reading

Sense of place

Easier to read for Young Learners


Our Service Provisions:

  • Full coloured orienteering map of the campus boundaries
  • Map will cover the ground floor and all levels to school building (All weather)


After Service Provisions:

  • FOC alterations and update within a one year period
  • Teachers’ professional development on orienteering mapping



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