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TPAC Orienteering

Orienteering Lvl 1

Equip yourself with basics of orienteering. In this 9h program, you will learn how to map read, manage your compass and most importantly – route plan. 

The uses of orienteering can stretch beyond the course and its very useful for all avid adventurers before any exploration.

Kids go Orienteering

For those who are aged 6 to 11 years old, these are the formative years in a child’s development and is the perfect age to get them to explore their place in the world around them. 

Sign your child up for a group class at the next ActiveSG center. 

Kids Hiking
Coaching Kids

To your home coaching

For all ages, select a 1 to 1 coaching for a personalised and guided routine to help achieve your journey goal. 

Through a continuous interview process, our coaches will help you to layout a fresh yet progressive pathway to gain physical, mental and technical skill development. 

This class is also available to clients who wish to train together with a buddy or small group setting.