Lookback at 2021 – Part two

“Singapore so small, got nothing much to do.”

Quite a familiar phrase to hear, especially since travelling was not an option for many. However we believe there are many places in Singapore to discover through a different lens – Orienteering. Here is Part 2 of our 2021 journey:

Collaboration with Deaf Sports Association 


In September, we began conducting basic orienteering workshops for the Deaf Sports Association Singapore (DSA). We introduced map handling and map reading skills, as well as compass reading. From then on, to help them prepare for their National Deaf Games 2022, monthly trainings were held to help them practice their orienteering skills including decision-making in route choices. We were happy to see their enthusiasm for this sport and their increase in confidence in the outdoors.

Passion Wave Parent-Child Workshop

Held at least once a month at Passion Wave Jurong Lake Gardens, we introduced Orienteering to families. It was a great activity for family members to bond among themselves, as well as a safe space for young kids to explore under the guidance of their parents. Starting with map handling, both adults and children got to familiarise themselves with their surroundings. It ends off with a photo-orienteering activity where families get to explore the park. 

Rediscover Singapore Series


We created this weekend activity to cater to people of all ages and fitness levels. Navigating from one checkpoint to another and matching the photos was like a treasure hunt activity. It was a good way for people to clock their daily required steps and explore various neighbourhoods in Singapore. Given a time limit of 3 hours for 35 checkpoints, there was no stress to walk or run. For the more competitive ones, running was their choice and some amazing results emerged from it.  To make it safe for all, we ran it as a semi-virtual event where participants are given an allocated time slot to collect their maps only and are free to begin whenever they want to.

Personal Development

While organising various activities and events for the public, the team also set aside time for personal development. Just some of the things the team did: 

  • Kayak-and-clean
  • Training
  • Mapping

In partnership with Passion Wave Sembawang, the team participated regularly in the green initiative as they led participants or became participants themselves to pick up trash in less accessible areas via kayaking.  You’ll be amazed by the amount of trash collected each trip. It was a realization that we had to be more aware of where people discard their trash and how can we access these places more to make it clean. 

With a goal to be able to map the whole of Singapore, even areas such as Khaitb Bongsu, the team began their mapping journeys starting with schools and parks. This effort made events such as ‘Rediscover Singapore’ possible and we look forward to more of such opportunities in future. 

Sembawang Mappy Race


In December, we partnered with Passion Wave Sembawang for an orienteering race. Conducted in the same format as our ‘Rediscover Singapore’ series, participants had an additional task – pick up trash en route. Even where rubbish bins are plentiful, participants realised there is still a substantial amount of litter around. It was a meaningful and interesting activity to end off the year.

Thank you for all your support in our 2021 journey! Stay tuned for what we have planned in 2022!

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