65 Adventure Race Sprint Series – 1

Registration Page: (or copy below into your url) 


Welcome Racers! 

The 65 Adventure Sprint Series is an inter-tertiary Adventure Race for youths in any of the IHLs, JC or ITE in Singapore. There is only one category and that is a combination of 3 male 1 female.

Race is structured in a score orienteering format (Get most CP in shortest time) and the estimated distance is 10km. 

Registration closes 18th July 2023.  

Race Fees : $110 per team*  

**Each school team enjoys 50% off the first team that signs up! 

Barrier to entry? None. 

We have removed all pre requisite such that the race can be accessed for all! 

The best part of this race is that it will be “open-book” so all the elements are made known to you beforehand. (thus no surprises)


We aim to keep the cost of the race low – so you pay for only the things your team uses.

On top of that, the first team from each school enjoys a 50% discount so why not!

Other than the physical experience, there are plenty of other gains that comes with this shared communal experience. Here are a few mentions! 

Part 2 of the race will be on a different terrain and is planned for 15th Oct 

See you and your team there! 

For further enquiries, contact Eugene at 91529246 or write to us at sixfiveadventure@gmail.com