65 Outdoor Program

Our Outdoor programs include the following:

  1. Orienteering and Decision Making
  2. Trekking and Outdoor Living
  3.  Independent Student Group Travel (ISGT)
  4. Kayaking with sustainability
  5. Rock Climbing and Growth Mindset

Orienteering is an exhilarating land sport that combines fast map reading and moving across terrains in both urban / non-urban conditions. 

It challenges the participant with their ability to make decision and the consequent of their choices. Doing it solo to a small group of 5 will be the ideal number for the activity without spoiling the fun!

Learning objectives via orienteering:

  • Interpreting a map and its features
  • Gaining a sense of place to the environment
  • Use of compass to get direction
  • Active challenge for 21CC and sport excellence


Our programs range from short courses of 2-3h to repeated sessions weekly / monthly in order to prepare youths for a holistic outdoor experience. These programs are also SEP endorsed for schools to have better choices in sharing the values with more students!